How to land a F22?

Can you guys tell me how land a F22?

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Check here


@Nate_Schneller can help you out


Yes, please.

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When I land the F-22 I try to hold the aircraft in a 5°-10° nose up attitude. The actual angle varies depending on conditions such as temperature and altitude. The aircraft comes into ground effect a few feet above the runway. Don’t cut the power and flare like you would in an airliner. If executed correctly you should touchdown smoothly with the nose of the aircraft about 10° nose up. After you’ve touched down you can hold the nose up for aerodynamic braking, although this is optional.

Here are a couple of videos:


In this video I complete three touch and goes before a full stop landing. In the first attempt the nose was too high and the floated above the runway. The second and third attempts were better but the final landing was the smoothest.


This video shows a run and break at the end of a GAF event. During the approach I was quite low, but the same technique applies to the landing. This was another touch and go. I couldn’t record the full stop landing because my device ran out of storage space.

Three final pieces of advice:

  1. RUDDER! Use it to line the aircraft up with the runway in crosswind conditions. Move the rudder slider in the same direction as the crossword.

  2. Experiment. Change parts of your technique to find out what works and what doesn’t. There isn’t really a formula to any of this, it’s just guesswork.

  3. Practice. It’s the only way you’ll improve

If you still have problems, just send me a PM.


Thank guy, but how to they make it just 75 knots to land and I just set speed to 100 knots my plane went crushed.

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Thank you so much😃


Don’t worry about the speed when landing the F-22. Just make sure the nose is 5°-10° up. The speed required for this will vary depending on conditions such as temperature, altitude and aircraft weight.

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Your final approach speed should be between 140 and150 kias, and l usually set the trim for between 25 and 45%, but that said the best advice is to practice on casual out at KEDW with all its 14 rwys for trying approaches and landings on such as paved 22 L&R and 06R/24L, and you usually are relatively undisturbed for the most part, so it really is the perfect test area for learning the eccentricities of any type of IF aircraft !

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Thank you bro!!!

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Thank you!!!<3


I like what @David_Beckett said about the need to experiment for yourself. I land no flaps and my trim set to 100%. I touch down at about 90-110 knots air speed. With some head wind that’s how you see someone flying with a 75 knot ground speed on short final. I keep my nose even higher somewhere between 12-15° You’ll notice in David’s video how he’s controlling his decent more with the throttle than the stick. Here’s a video form a few months ago where I touch down at about 75 knots ground speed in some very gustsy conditions. Gusty at KNID - YouTube

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