How to land a Cessna 172?

my instructor just tells me to hold it off, and let it “land itself” the Stall buzzer is always going off though. every time i listen to him we land hard, but one day i did what i wanted to and made a super smooth landing. i think he was embarrassed :D

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hell im landing it at 60-53 KNTS


Yea i just stall the plane onto the ground. Its rough but gets it done.

Follow your FI’s advices and stop worrying about the ‘smooth part’.

My personal method is to aim for the TDZ (depends on the runway markings) and don’t let your FPM increase or decrease. Make sure you control your speed accurately, however having a few extra knots is better than being too slow.

When you get into the flare, cut the throttle and hold your plane in a nose-up attitude to let the main wheels touch down before the front one . You may want to adjust the flare in order to get a smoother landing but that’s not very important. It’s more of a personal pride than a necessity. If you over flare, do not lower the nose, it could be very dangerous. Just add some thrust to lower the descent rate and make sure you cut the throttle again prior to touching down.

If you have a crosswind component, don’t forget to ‘de-crab’ the aircraft before touching down. You may add some ailerons into the wind as well (your call).


As axle said don’t worry about the smooth part, what helped me is keep your eye’s on the end of the runway instead of on the guages after cutting the throttle. Fpm doesn’t really matter as long as you get to the runway. Control your angle with the throttle not the yoke and all will be good.


Brandon and Axel are spot on.

Does your flight school have a low wing aircraft? Piper warrior or a da 40? Some students respond better with low wing aircrafts than high wing. Give that a shot. Its always good to diversify the planes you fly and some planes just work better for certain students. Sure beats getting frustrated.

Always remember power for altitude and pitch for airspeed.

Good luck :)


I fly with my dad and he is rated in complex aircraft so I can go in a low wing aircraft. I have been in a piper Arrow many times its just I don’t want to deal with manifold pressure to RPM while flying.I have been flying in the Cessna for along time and I feel very comfortable in it. I just want to stick to the basic Cessna for now. In my next flight I will be practicing an instrument approach with these special glasses that block my vision out the window so I can only see the instruments. My dad used them when he was getting his instrument rating. I will also be practice engine failures in which during mid-flight my dad will pull the throttle out and we simulate engine failure. I will be flying alot once school is out because my dad flies every week for business so I can tag along and fly alot this summer. Power for altitude and pitch for speed. My dad always tells me that on landing lol. Thank you guys for all you advice. I appreciate it.

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MP is easy to deal with. You dont even have to look at the gauge, but just listen to the engine. Should sound butter smooth :)

makes sense.

Foggles :) you already have your pvt?

Thats awesome! its good practice.

Smart man :) good luck and rack up them flight hours. haha

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