How to know which parking gates are meant for which aircraft

I’m flying Qantas A380 out of KJFK. I know Qantas uses Terminal 8 but it seems that there’re no gates there that can fit the A380. If I spawn my plane there it doesn’t fit into the white boundaries. The dots in the KJFK airport map where you can select which gate you want to spawn at doesn’t indicate what type of aircraft can spawn there. If another aircraft were to spawn next to me, our wings would be touching each other, any tips?


Well… ahh you could spawn in a spot that can fit the A380. Qantas doesn’t fly their A380s to KJFK. They use the b744.

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You can always research what gate Qantas uses. But adding on to what @Panther just said, they only use the Boeing 747-400 and they only fly to Los Angeles (KLAX) then continue on to Australia. I do believe there is a couple gates at KJFK that can house a Airbus A380 because numerous airlines fly there A380 there like Singapore, Korean Air, Air France, Luthfansa, Emirates, etc… you can always go on to FlightAware and see what gates those airlines use for there A380’s and park there.


Big parking space=big aircraft
Little parking space=Little Aircraft


LiveFlight’s fantastic Airport Charts will give you an idea.
(Requires a Horizon Sub)


The A380 for Qantas doesn’t operate to JFK anymore and there really isn’t an indication, however, this shouldn’t stop you from using your desired aircraft. I watch YouTube videos based on the airline and aircraft Im flying because usually they put the gate numbers in which the flight boarded from in the description ! For example, if you were flying with Qantas on a 747, you could search “Qantas 747 JFK pushback” and since Qantas operates at terminal 8 of JFK, you may look in the description and find the gate number (if the uploader decides to input that information, there’s not much of a guarantee. Another option is to google JFK’s departures and take a Qantas flight from there for reference. (Link & Image below)

That’s no true at all, there is a very high number of a380s and 747’s at jfk! Maybe this airport has some of the most a380/747 ops in the world. 🙄

Corrected myself before you could, made an article mistake and the A380 for Qantas does not operate to JFK.

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Its really not even that serious for you to criticize my post… Its a codeshare flight being operated by American Airlines & Qantas and it’s an A321, on the official JFK website. Its probably just the American Airlines livery but I was speaking on behalf of Qantas… Nevertheless, the purpose of this post was not to argue what Qantas operates to JFK, so I don’t know why you would want to start that debate but it was to attend to someone who requested for help so I’m done with this conversation. I shared my help and that’s all he/she requested. Maybe you should offer help to them too instead of debating with me about a simple mistake/miscommunication.

B747 which terminal in KJFK

I simply Google it. I type in “Delta terminal parking at xxxx” and voila, it tells me. Hope this helps.
For FedEx or UPS, I use Google Maps with the satellite view.

I can say that while I was at jfk a few years back, there was a Qantas 747 at terminal 7. I’m sure an a380 can fit there. For me, I tend to use YouTube flight reports to see what gate aircraft leave from (to be overly realistic) but you can even use liveflight satellite and find jfk to see where an a380 is parked. May not see one a T8 because I assume Qantas moved there from T7 after changing to 787.

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There are several airlines that use A380 at T4 at JFK. Gates 4-6 I think last time I was there…

Best bet for IF is to use LiveFlight Horizon as this is linked to the charts in IF.

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We need this:

You can find this here:

Or by searching the internet

I use FlightAware or something else to help me find out.

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A week ago I was at JFK and I can assure you that they land A380 there. next to my a330 of air europa there was an a380 of emirates on the left and an a380 of singapore on the right so it is completely false that the a380 do not go. Mi terminal was T4

Already corrected myself.

I usually go and look at and look at what gate the plane/airline is parking at if it’s a real flight.


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