How to know when to descend

Hey! I’m at 32,000ft and need to know when to start descend

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Hello! use this video from the legend Swiss001

also, there are many topics like this one, make sure that you search the IFC before posting!!!
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IF also published a guide on their website with all the math and planning you’ll need. Have fun!

BuT tHaT’s AnOtHeR sToRy


I use Captain Joe’s approach(no pun intended) most of the time. However for a simpler method, (altitude/300) I.e FL330 or 33000ft/300. The altitude here = Above Main Sea level - Elevation of destination airport.

All distances are in nautical miles:)

Captain Joe’s vid:

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Before takeoff arm VNAV and LNAV and there should be a white line that tells you the start of your descent. On the 737 one has to press the altitude bug, whilst on the a320 it automatically begins the descent. However, in infinite flight, one has to manually plan it using a formula that can be found here

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I guess no one else watches Swiss001…

I recommen using the Captain Joe video above.

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