How to know the right altitude to be reached?

Do you know if there is anything to help me fly at the right cruise altitude?

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Can you rephrase it please?

I don’t know what you mean by “right”

  • Best economical FL? (not needed and not possible in IF)
  • Optimal cruise level for certain routes?

You might wanna check out this, to determine your max altitude on a route:

I usually fly at 12,000ft and when I’m going 240kts (so I don’t get any vialations under 10,000 ft) and there’s about 12 mins until destination, I descend at 1000ft/min. I know this isn’t the “proper” way to do it but that’s what I do:).

After enough practice, you’ll learn when to start descending and the proper speeds

thank you so much

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thank you so much!

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Does depend how far you are flying. I normally fly routes about 150-300 nm and fly around FL320-FL380.

Look up the IFR charts for low altitude in the region you are flying and follow those. I say low altitude because the regions aren’t big enough to use the high altitude charts yet.

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If your cruising heading is between 360º and 179º, fly at an odd flight level.
If your cruising heading is between 180º and 359º, fly at an even flight level.


You increase altitude until you start feeling loopy. Then back off a bit.

Is there a reason to do that? (Never heard of it :p)

So I learned this when I started getting into FSX & VATSIM a few months ago. Basically you’re at an odd altitude when heading east, and even going west. It’s a rule that applies in VATSIM (Clearance Delivery controller won’t let you fly if you have an invalid altitude. They’ll tell you: “[Callsign], altitude invalid for direction of flight.”). Not sure if it applies IRL though




I had the same question as you have and i think that the Advance server is the perfect place to learn!

The ATC on Center and Approach are doing a really good job they tell you what to do and when to do.

But always keep in mind: what they ask, do it!

After a couple of times you learn and see what to do. It really helped me for learning do to a good landing.

Happy landing!

That rule also applies in real life. For VFR you add 500 to that.

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If you’re lazy and want to use autopilot, set your altitude at 11,000ft. If you like to go with your hands then go higher.