How to know if an airport is too small for your aircraft?

Is there anyway of determining if an airport is too small for your aircraft when making your flight plan?

Yeah by the class of the airport

It tells you, if you click on the map tab and click on the airport if it isnt allowed it will say “this aircraft is restricted”
I will post an image
Also when you spawn at an airport, it will not let you spawn unless it is allowed. I hope this helps

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Its easy.Common Sense

Check for runway length to see if it’s compatible with your aircraft. Check for class of airport to see if the facilities (including ramps and taxiways) can support you. Most importantly, use common sense and courtesy.

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For all the “common sense” responses, that’s well understood. However on the mobile version there is no submenu that comes up when selecting a airport. Thanks though!

Nm… I figured out how to access it!

It tells you when you look at the details of the airport

You’d be surprised at the amount of people who lack it in certain situations (in IF live).

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@Rodriguez_John. MaxSez: Here’s a general rule of thumb from various sources. Runway lengths are available in App in the Map/Chart Segment just Tap on the field (s) listed in chart info, rway lengths will be shown. Watch yr Temp/Alt of the field used they may be a factor since RW Values are used. *Watch your weight & balance, high temps/ alt are a real consideration:

ISA +20ºC SL.

737-300 - 2109 m
737-400 - 2475 m
737-700 - 2042 m
737-800 - 2316 m
747-400 - 3600 m
767-300 - 2850 m
767-300ER - 3996 m
777-200 - 2440 m
777-200LR - 3050 m
777-300 - 3540 m
319-100 - 2080 m
320-200 - 2590 m
321-200 - 2286 m
330-200 - 2590 m
330-300 - 2680 m
340-200 - 3260 m
340-300 - 3380 m
340-500 - 3550 m
340-600 - 3550 m
380-800 - 3350 m

Note: Do yr own conversion meters to feet, Learn to convert Mph to K as well.


Good source data there Max, thanks.

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