How to know how much passenger is needed?

does anyone know any passenger estimator thats based on a real world figure?

If you use then as well as calculating the waypoints it will also give you the height to fly at as well as amount of fuel, cargo and passengers to load up!

Happy landings.

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thank david

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What I do is I look up “[Airline] [Aircraft]” for example “DL B739” or “KLM B737” and it’ll usually bring up the airline’s site with specific details for the amount of passengers that the specific aircraft can fly for that airline.

If I don’t see an airline’s website, I’ll usually use the SeatGuru website that I’ve always seen come up and add the amount of passengers together.

okay, i took off and climbing

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I use seat guru too 😂🤓


When using seat guru, do you usually use a full flight, or how much?

For me personally, if I look at an airline’s site, or SeatGuru, I take the route, and then either do a full flight or a nearly full one.


I use SeatGuru plus the aircraft in Infinite Flight to make custom SimBrief aircraft templates - saves a lot of time in the future

Short term pain (having to fill in all the info) for long term gain (saving a lot of time)

Full fight normally

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Use seat guru then match the passengers count with what you think it would be on average.

If you’re using SimBrief, you could set the passengers to ‘AUTO’ and SimBrief will give you a certain amount of passengers based on the weight and length of your flight.

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