How to know how much fuel you will nead for the flight

Hello IFC. Tue other day I was goeing to try a long hall flight to America from EGLL. I put some fuel in the 777777-300ER and of I when. When i got up to my crusing altitude i realized, I did not have enough fuel for the tryp. I dumped fuel and returned to EGLL. I ended the flight at EGLL. I want to know how to know how much fuel I will nead for a tryp. Thanks Infine Flight comunitay 😁

If you know your flight time, a good trick of mine is to add enough fuel so that the estimated flight time is 1-2 hours greater than the planned flight time. If you’re using simbrief, that will automatically give you an amount of fuel to put in. :)

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Ok, thanks

What I do, is I check

I check if there are going to be any strong headwinds during my journey. If there is, I’d probably pack an extra 1-2 hours depending on how strong it is.

This tip is very helpful, because the aircraft will have to be going against the wind, thus needing to use the engines more, increasing fuel usage.

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Thanks, good tip.

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