How to know dates of ghostings

Well it has about 4 months since my last ghosting and it seems as if i have crossed my limit for grade 3 and i have been on grade since then. Is there any way i can know the dates of all my ghostings? Because according to me , my first ghosting was my first time on the expert server and it happened around november last year. So technically i should have been back on the expert server by this time now. I have had six ghostings till now. (thanks to my little brother).
Can i get to know when my grade 3/4 will be reinstated??

Usually I would say check your logbook to see when you first received it, but it seems way too far back, you’d be searching for hours. Ask a Mod (imo preferably Grease King @DeerCrusher ) and they should be able to tell you :)

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Your ghosting will expire the exact day and minute one year later, as you said sometime in November give it a couple weeks and see what happens, if it doesn’t change contact one of the mods for assistance.


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