How to know am I TL 1 or not

Hey! Welcome to the community.

These are the trust levels, which you can see when you click on a user’s profile icon:

TL0 (new user)
TL1 (basic user)
TL2 (member)
TL3 (regular)
TL4 (leader)

You’re currently TL0 because you’ve only just joined. For a new user, there isn’t an icon or badge that shows up to depict this.

Once you get TL1 status, you’ll receive a little badge called “Basic,” which others can see on your profile.

I would encourage you to read through the topics I’ve linked below, so you can have a clearer understanding of how the forum works, and the general conduct and content that’s expected here. It’ll also answer most of your doubts about posting, settings, and topics/categories, and what you can or can’t do, at various trust levels.

Hope you enjoy your time here, and please feel free to send me a DM (direct message) with any and all questions or doubts :)