How to keep XCub straight on takeoff?


I would like to know how to keep the XCub straight on takeoff? Once the tail comes up, I tend to wag more than a dog’s tail :).

I know that you use the rudder, but I would like to know some specific numbers or techniques to help me stay at least mostly straight.

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As you said it’s all about the rudder. Reducing the sensitivity will help a bit too.

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Thank you so much! Let me see if that worked (the sensitivity)

Thank you. The sensitivity seems to have worked

Omg¡! Seriously guys how do you make this thing take off normally I saw all the tutorials already I tried like 50 times to put that thing on the air normally and I just can’t I just can’t do it…
And Crosswinds are only like 8 knots or 9 knots… it’s very sad because it’s a fun plane to fly

A helpful way of not really having to use as much rudder authority is by holding your brakes and having your throttle set at 100 percent for about 3 seconds at 33° flaps. Once you release the brake, have your stick set upwards a BIT and wait for the aircraft to just takeoff on its own without even needing the rudder part of the plane rising as the aircraft will just rise on its own without the rudder part of the aircraft rising. The plane will lift itself with not too much input very nicely. Tyler demonstrates this method in the tutorial on YouTube. You should check that out as he demonstrates it very nicely and explains it with more detail.

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The real situation here is keeping it straight on landing hahahaha

Same thing rudder

To be honest there’s really only one word to say but, Rudder

Oh I already know lol

Thank you so much! This technique really works! I thought it might work this way, but I thought taildraggers needed to lift the tail off the ground before taking off. This makes it so much easier. Thanks.

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The XCub is pretty hard to fly, and rotations are rather fast and can lead to stalls. This creates a sense of no control, leading to crashes.

An 8 or 9 kts crosswind is a lot in a tailwheel aircraft!! I have a friend with a Murphy Rebel and 8kts is right around his personal limit on a crosswind. MAX for XCub is 11 so you’re right around the top of that envelope. What you’re seeing is real.

Answer: LOTS of practice. It’s doable, but in those winds you’re making it very hard on yourself. Start on solo with ZERO wind and work your way up.


Use flaps, Then slowly push power forward and it should just lift off the ground it’s self 😊

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