How to keep the passion for flying alive during Training/Career.

Hello IF Community.

As of recently, I saw this video on YouTube and thought it was very interesting. I know a lot of you either want to become pilots, are in the process of training already, or are professional pilots. I personally have started to take the next step so that I may start my training soon. Flying is fun, and a very exciting experience, but what happens when you start to get bored. Here are some of YouTuber and Professional Pilot, “Mentour Pilot’s” suggestions on how to keep that spark you might have had at the beginning of your training.


In my opinion, if it is a TRUE passion, it will NEVER get boring.


I totally agree with you, but I can see how some people feel as there can be a lot of repetition in this field, and really in any field of work you might do. But for me, if I ever do make it, I would come to work everyday and give it my all, and just appreciate the opportunity I have.

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I agree with that too.

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