How to keep Super Decathlon straight on takeoff roll?

Hey, guys!

I would like to know if someone could please share with me how to keep the Super Decathlon straight on takeoff roll? Thank you,

—Alaska 096

try to add some rudder


Ok. I will have to get used to applying only the smallest amount; otherwise, you fly off the runway 😂

Thank you 🙏

No problem happy to help :)

What would be a good Vr speed once the tail lifts up? Thanks 😁

Hmm i would say around 50kts…

As the Decathlon expert, i shall intervene, the rotation speed should be no less than 60 kts, unless you are trying for a short takeoff, and best climb speed is 70kts. I strongly suggest adding 30% up elevator trim for the whole flight, it just makes it easier. Landing can be anywhere from 40-70kts, just gotta bee on your toes the whole flight anyway.

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