How to join VA?

I want to join American Airlines VA (AAVA) But I don’t know how to apply or where to apply. Can somebody help me with the process please ?


You can visit IFVARB website and find the list of many VA, click one and it will redirect you to their website where you can apply!

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Okay thanks for help mate !! 😊

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You can also scroll through the #live:va section on IFC to see the different VA’s as well.


Hey! I’m a member of AAVA, so I can help out with this :)

Head over to American Virtual, and then tap “Join”. After that make sure you meet the requirements:

• Grade 3 or above
• At least 14 years old
• Good standing on the IFC Forum
• IFC Account must be at least 30 days old

After that it will ask you to complete their entrance exam, and you will be contacted via IFC in approximately 48 hours for further info on your application :)

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No problem, anytime!

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This might be some help.

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I believe the IFVARB has a good list of airlines you can join. Happy flying!

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Thanks a lot for help everyone !! 😊

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