How to join the game

Hi everyone!

I recently purchased the subscription for atc. However, I don’t think the app is user friendly for a starter. Maybe it’s just me. after I joined the training server, I don’t know what to do next. I touched every inch of my screen, I still don’t know how to start the game.

Could anyone give me an instruction to start the game? Much appreciated!

You need to select an airport to control. Click the 0 stations button and choose


Welcome to IF live! First off, it’s not a game unless you are on the casual server. That said, go to the 0 Stations page and select the airport and facility/facilities you wish to control. Then select “FLY”.


Well, for starters, you purchased a subscription for Live. This includes Piloting online and controlling air traffic online. The main purpose is flying. The Expert Server has IFATC controllers, that are held to a standard of service level. The Trainng server is for pilots and controllers like yourself to learn the basics of both realms. Fly a bit online, and once you fell comfortable, dive into the ATC end and try it out. You can also always search up Infinite Flight’s official YouTube page for help and tutorials on both flying and controlling


I don’t understand why people create these things and then leave.


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