How to join multiplayer?

Hi everyone, how do I join multiplayer please? Thank you

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Hey! Welcome to the community :) we’re happy to have you here.

Do you have a subscription to Infinite Flight Pro?


To be able to access the live server, you’re going to need to have a PRO subscription which you can purchase from the top right corner of the app from the home screen.

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Hey there!

Welcome to the Infinite Flight community! Glad to have you here.

So to join multiplayer you will have to sign up for a PRO subscription which has a monthly cost in your local currency.

To sign up for PRO you can do this.

  • Open the Infinite Flight App
  • You will see the “Get PRO” on the top right corner of the page
  • Click that button and then you will see the page which shows you the features of pro.
  • You will then see at the bottom right the amount it will cost to get pro per month in your currency.
  • Click it and then proceed to your Apple or Android payment section and purchase pro.

You will then have access to all the multiplayer and PRO features!

If you have PRO then just log in with your sign in choice.

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Yes I’ve got pro, I just can’t figure where to join multiplayer

You should see the home page say

“Fly Solo”
“Fly Online”
“Air Traffic Control”

You would just click the “Fly Online” and select your aircraft and airport of choice and then click “FLY” then boom! You are flying multiplayer.

Oh yeah I fly online, but I mean like a group flight… like going with other players as well?

Ohh ok. So are you looking for people to have group flights with?

If so then just navigate to the #live:events and #live category for numerous flights, events and group flights!

Thank you so much

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No worries! Glad I could help. We also have our weekly FNF or Friday Night Flight coming today. There is a flight then with AviatorDan. Along with other routes into the featured airport/s for the FNF.

I’ll look out for that😁 thanks!

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Here’s the FNF thread for you :)

Looking forward to flying with you soon

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You can also join a Virtual Airline. These have many fun events many times a week (depending on activeness of the VA). A VA/VO database is found bellow, feel free to PM me with questions!

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Note: Most VA’s require you to have Grade 3 or have access to the Expert Server.

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