How to join infinite flight

Hey moderators or staff or anyone from the top of the infinite flight community I was wondering how I can become apart of y’all and is there any possible way to become a moderator or anything because I always wanted to join the team just never known how to?


Hey Jeffery

There’s quite a list of things that we look for when looking for a moderator. While we don’t exactly disclose everything that it is we’re looking for, we simply look for people who demonstrate a good sense of the Infinite Flight app, someone who is helpful and consistently going out of their way to help others, and above all, a good character. We look at many other things in the process.

That said, we’re not looking to add any new moderators right now as we’ve just recently added one to the team not too long ago. There isn’t an application process or anything of this nature. Just be yourself and that’s a great start.


Some will say you have to jump through hoops, be a circus act, catch 10,000fish, fly a balloon (is that possible?), crush a deer, play a musical instrument, be a pilot, be a computer savvy individual, etc. While some of our mods are just that, there is nothing specific that we look for. We look at a person as a whole 🙂