How to Join IFAE

Hi IFC I was wondering, How can I join IFAE?


IFAE (The most prestigious VO) is unfortunately invitation only. Keep on showing professional behavior and you might get invited one day! Of invited, you will go through 5 check rides before becoming a member.




Ok, Thank you! I was just confused lol.

I totally understand! Best of luck getting in! You got it!!

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Thank you! Have a great day!!

You have a great day! (Mods clear to close)

how many members does IFAE currently have?

What’s IFAE?

In the ball park of 120!

Around more than half are IFATC and many staff are IF moderators! It’s an amazing team of some of the most experienced aviators!


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Incorrect. You may Apply for them on their respective thread.


@Hamzaviator the goat! 😂


My comment above links to their thread. Feel free to apply. Make sure to read the full thread. Currently your stats aren’t high enough, When they are though you may apply.

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Incorrect, That is our old thread, IFAE went back to Invite only while the Staff are rebuilding IFAE currently. if we kept it open, new pilots to IFAE wouldnt see any activity during this rebuild phase and ultimately end up leaving.

Apologies, Where is the “new” thread? This is the only open thread i can find

We dont have one as we are rebuilding, once we are ready we will post here on the IFC

Alright, I recommend that you guys remove the application from the thread then.

we cannot edit the thread, i have asked for it to be closed with a small message

Yes, What i meant was you let someone know because this can be a little misleading in situations like these.