How to join Alitalia’s VA

Hi to everyone. As you can read on my profile, I live in Milan and I was wondering about what a Virtual Airline exactly is and how to join it. If anyone could help I would be very happy.
Just to let you all know I am still in grade 1 and I am trying to learn as much as I can a.s.a.p.


Virtual airlines are recreating real airlines into IF, with real routes.
You can go to the #live:va category and search for Alitalia virtual’a thread. Usually there is a link to apply.
However, since you are a Grade 1, it is most likely that your application to Alitalia virtual will be rejected because the minimum grade level for some virtual airlines is grade 2 while others have a minimum of grade 3. So you have something to work up to, but trust me, it will be very worth it. :)

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Hey there!
A Virtual Airline (VA) is basically a group of people that come together and form an airline. It can be based off of real airlines like Alitalia, or fictional. There is usually a CEO and other staff members and you can join in as a pilot or staff member(if there is a slot available) In the VA, you have to fly routes that are in a database and have real flight numbers and use the same aircraft in IF that they use IRL on thos routes. As you gain more and more flight time with the VA, you move up ranks like IRL(Cadet, Junior First Officer, First Officer, Senior First Officer, Captain, senior captain etc) Some VA’s have a minimum flight requirement which means that you have to fly a certain amount of times in a time period. There are also requirements. Some VA’s only accept Grade 3+, or some accept Grade 2+. They communicate either by using Discord, Or Slack. On those apps, you can find the general channel, to chat about everything or questions, announcements etc. To join a VA, you go to #live:va, and find a virtual airline that you want to join. (Make sure you read their requirements and see if you can meet them!) Then you fill out an application form, that asks for you for your grade, Flight time, XP, landings email, etc. Some VA’s have a written test and/or a pilot check, meaning you do a short flight and they asses you on your professionalism. Once you pass and get accepted, you get an invitation to join the VA’s slack or discord, and you start flying with them!
Unfortunately, you are a grade 1, which means you only have access to casual Server. I dont think and VA’s accept any grade 1’s. Hopefully you can get to grade 2 soon and join a VA!
Happy flying!


Also, they require you to be at least TL1 and hopefully TL2.
You are currently TL0, so just visit everyday, like and contribute :)


Thanks to all of you for answering, I’ll do my best to get to Grade 2 quickly.


Yes, that’s also something you will need to consider, but I think that @Claudio is saying that you need to get a higher Trust Level. You’re currently at TL0. Just contribute everyday and you’ll get to TL2 in no time!



Oh. I’ve got to Grade 2 today, but I’m not very active on the community, so it’ll take a lot of time for me to get to TL 2. Thanks for explaining, anyway.

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