How to join a group in IF?

As the title,I want to ask you guys how can I join a group so that I can have a group that can show in front of my name when I flight
Just like the [SUIVA] in the picture,thanks a lot guys!

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Hey there!

To join a Virtual Airline/Organisation, check out some of the threads in #live:va. It includes a ton of topics advertising the Virtual groups approved by the IFVARB, where you can apply to join the group.

Another great way of finding a Virtual Airline/Organisation is by taking a look at the website below. 🙃

Hope this helps, happy virtual flying!


This help me so much I appreciate your answer,have a great flight too,thank again!

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As you showed SUIVA in your Picture, I take this free Advertusement and invite you to join our Virtual Airline, if you wish to do so :) would be a Pleasure to have you on board

more Info in the Thread below

Kind Regards

Leah, SUIVA Vice President


Feel free to apply them, so that you can get the special tag name!!

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