How to join a FNF?

Hey everyone, I’m new to the game and I intend to join the recently upcoming Friday Night Flight. But how do I join? And is there a flight plan and specific airport i must follow? Anyone please explain to me, thanks alot.


No sign up is required, just fly into the featured region and be respectful of ATC and others round you :)


We also welcome you to the community!


Usually, you just have to fly into the FNF airport and follow ATC instructions. Tomorrow’s FNF is a little different because there will be set waypoints for arrival:

As long as you follow ATC instructions and be respectful to other pilots, you will be fine. Most importantly however, have fun!


Can I just spawn at the airport? And is there any specific flight plans?

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You can. Just be sure to listen to all atc instructions, and you’ll be fine.
The listed FPLs in the FNF thread are encouraged but not required to use


Welcome and I hope you were or are able to join this even. These guys keep me intrigued with this like this.

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If you’d like to make your own flightplan to wherever you want to fly to, we have a special website to create one. It’s based on real world FPL’s and gives you the optimal details for your flight.

Check here

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