How to intercept a second VOR radial

How do I intercept a VOR radial set on NAV2 if I am using NAV1 for navigation already?
(Sorry for the high number of posts in the last few days, just trying to get familiar with the new features)

I was also wondering how to see the distance of the second VOR (NAV2) in the live cockpit (as I don’t get a VOR2 field on the right lower side of the PFD).

Once you see the bearing to your next VOR is getting close to the radial you desire then turn off NAV mode (if on) and change sources to NAV 2. Then intercept as normal.

I just realized that the second NAV indicator on the C172 steam cockpit is actually the NAV2 indicator so that works

As for this question you can use the bearing option on the lower bar

Ok, thanks! No way to have it right on the screen though, right?

It is right on the screen on the C172 steam cockpit actually. I just found it. Not sure about airliners or G1000.

I was thinking about the A320family and A350, sorry that I didn’t make this clear in the original post, but thanks nonetheless!

The Airbus live cockpit always follows what’s on NAV1.

I believe this is because there is no such thing as NAV2 in the airbus. It’s all treated the same. (I could be wrong on this but this is the what I got from a 320 pilot)

I am not too sure. There is a VOR1 and VOR2 information on the PFD in some videos, but I am unsure wether you can select two different VORs or not.

Time to practice DME arcs now 🤙

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