How to Input GPS Coordinates to your FPL



Try 5152N/00255E and tell me if it works 👍🏼


Yep that should work. Figured it out thanks!


How do you do that? What maths formula did you use


Hello, thank you for this topic!

I have read the whole topic, and tried to use the formats to put in these coordinates but nothing has been working for me. May I get some help please?

Thank you!


Input them in this format.


So as an example, the first coordinate would be 5900N/02000W


Thank you so much Mubashir!


This is how you enter the coordinates
Coordinates and then North or South and then a / and then coordinates again following with a East or West (E or W)

I kind of explained this very badly but i hope you still understood.


Any chance in the future to enter seconds too?


What do you mean by seconds @Noel ?


GPS coordinates follow a format listed as degrees, minutes, seconds (i.e. 42°34’20.5”N).

Right now, we can only input the degrees as well as minutes (42°52’ N -> 4252N). Having the ability to include seconds will allow pin-point accuracy when importing them into Infinite Flight. :)


Ah I get it. That would be incredibly helpful 😂


Hi all

Trying notorious approach at MHTG. Can I use some of fixes through the same method? If so, how would I include the fixes. E.g TG005 (N14 12.6; W087 41.0)

Not sure if the link will work, but otherwise you can Google for charts, it’s on page 4/10



If you type the fixes into the search bar, it will appear in your flight plan. But you have to put atleast two, or it will just search it.
Example of what to do:
Example of what not to do:


Thanks. If anybody is interested, here are the waypoints for the approach to RWY02: 1409N/8719W 1407N/8720W 1405N/8719W 1404N/8718W 1402N/8715W MHTG


Thanks for this, just tried this out and it worked perfectly once I made a FPL in SimBrief and found the coordinates. I’m counting on the IFAE to create more waypoints so I don’t need to do this though.


How would a waypoint like this work? This waypoint (NICKT) doesn’t come up on SimBrief so I used SkyVector


3409N/11405W should get pretty darn close


That worked like a charm, thank you I’m still at the gate figuring this out hahaha!


This may be a stupid question, but how do you copy and paste things into the search bar? I assume that you copy it off of an app or something on your device, and then hold to paste (On iPhone), but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Could someone elaborate? Thanks