How to Input GPS Coordinates to your FPL


Hello so nice information because i was scare of enter waypoints manual.

But i cant enter this coordinates; "40.691124,28.973507"
I was try

Pleas help me



I cant enter coordinates; For example;

But it s ignored and jump coordinate :(

This coordinate (“40.691124,28.973507”) in Turkey but it s not working. Please help me.



Hello there and welcome to the community!
Try with the FPL below and it should work.




Folks I spent several hours trying to figure this out and - please - someone correct me if I am wrong - but the issue here is this: the coordinates shown in SimBrief are in a decimal format where IF expects degrees and minutes. To go back to @Brandon_Sandstrom 's post with a screenshot of fix RAMKI the coordinates shown are in degrees, not decimal.

Point in case, if I take the coordinates @nicochile2 provided from his OFP and input in a coordinate converter…

… I get @Brandon_Sandstrom 's coordinates - which is what IF is looking for.

Anyway - someone please correct me if I am wrong, far from being any specialist on the matter.


I believe this makes sense, thanks! :)
Here’s the website used above if anyone is wondering:


So I can just use that instead of Foreflight?


Yes you can… no need for Foreflight - at least not only because of this.


how would i enter something like 60N160W then


Where did you find it?


on simbrief it was on the pacific ocean


I believe that would be 60N/160W. Or 0060N/0160W. Correct me if I’m wrong though.
Do you have a screenshot of the coordinates? That would help.


as I do to translate this format S22 ° 52.21 ‘W43 ° 9.97’ or 225243S0430958W in the IF format


All you need to do is

  • ignore whatever comes after the decimal point
  • write it in this format: MMSS(N/S)/MMMSS(E/W)

So it will come as 2252S/04309W


Sketching an aircraft in the sky. Live on YouTube at:

See the image below:

And here are the coordinates:

4039N/7505W HARLM 4050N/7538W 4063N/7711W 4069N/7985W 4065N/8170W 3958N/8497W 3940N/8687W 3815N/9036W 3773N/9129W 3820N/9297W 3954N/9730W 4145N/10356W 4185N/10496W 4367N/11101W 4481N/11551W 4401N/11569W 4214N/11351W 3894N/10715W 3679N/10218W 3432N/9714W 3337N/9760W HIZSU ABI97 TQA13 HONUN KABI ANETY 3209N/10024W 3218N/10201W 3314N/10262W 3384N/10330W 3387N/10402W 3336N/10483W 3263N/10513W 3194N/10506W 3094N/10514W 3025N/10512W 3034N/10897W 2981N/10972W 2941N/10961W 2892N/10859W 2722N/10179W 2715N/9977W 2750N/9960W 2791N/9988W 2853N/10052W 2875N/10031W 2902N/9944W 3109N/9106W 3120N/9001W 3114N/8891W 3044N/8568W 2913N/8018W 2805N/7617W 2740N/7316W 2742N/7159W 2783N/7098W 2853N/7121W 2933N/7277W 3144N/7722W 3386N/8267W 3454N/8197W 3621N/7842W 3770N/7609W 3852N/7527W VCN 39N


Using this, do you think it would be possible to simulate an RNAV departure with coordinates? For example, an RNAV departure has a 180° turn to the left of the runway. If I input a coordinate, and then the same (or similar) cooredinates to it with tiny, tiny discrepancies to make them to the left of each other, would this make a “turn” in the flightplan?


yes, whatever the airplane can handle in terms of sharp turns would be possible!


Is there’s a way to do it using latitude/longitude coordinates? For example, how would I input 34.1019444 (Latitude) -114.6819444(Longitude) into IF?


3406N/11440W would be your coordinate pair to input into IF.


It isn’t showing up… Is it supposed to be an actual waypoint in IF?


No, the whole point is that it does not need to be an actual waypoint. I guess the reason it doesn’t show up is that you are just entering one GPS point. You have to enter at least two. Maybe in the search bar of FPL in your infinite flight write down the name of an airport and then a space and then the coordinates above. For example:

KJFK 3406N/11440W

Now it should show up at the other end of the route.

It does not work like how the search works for actual waypoints. For waypoints, when you search and find their name by clicking, the map moves and zooms to where that waypoint is, but this is not the case for GPS coordinates when entered in IF. Instead, you can pick a well known airport or whatever other waypoints somewhere to lead you where the GPS coordinate of your interest is standing (still there won’t be a real mark for it on the map).