How to Input GPS Coordinates to your FPL


No when you add waypoints later on it will come up with a list of all the waypoints associated with that name. Then you pick the one you want. The coordinates do not come up nor are they shown on the map to add to your flight plan.


Thanks for the tutorial! Does anyone know of a website that will convert my entire flight plan into a format infinite flight can accept? It’s just frusturating to use a flight plan only to find half of the waypoints don’t exist.


So… I am having some trouble…

KOBEM is supposed to be a waypoint close to Qatar, yet when I enter the coordinates it shows up near Bangladesh.


Leave the seconds out of it only degrees and minutes apply


Noticed KOBEN is in IF, so tried with another waypoint.
Am I missing something?


Nothing seems like it works to me.

Those are seriously some odd coordinate layouts though


Yeah that’s not what I want. RAMKI is supposed to be a waypoint in the Gulf Sea…
And it’s what SimBrief gave me so 🤷‍♂️


Here is the actual coordinates

This is why I don’t use sim brief among other reasons


that’s why i use onlineflightplanner


Great! Looks like it worked! Thanks! What’s that app?


ForeFlight glad that worked for you.


That would be ForeFlight.


Thanks. Is there any other app/website that could do the same?


Not that I’m aware of atm


Oh well that sucks. I have to download all the ForeFlight data…
thanks anyways. I hope I get better at his with time.


I’ve been reading what’s been going on but I still don’t quite understand I tried for this waypoint using coordinates but it doesn’t seem to work.



That’s because that’s not how coordinates are formatted so they are incorrect.


Thanks for sharing! I needed this to fill up missing waypoints. Cheers


For that waypoint, you would need to enter it as “3223N/11020W” into Infinite Flight’s search bar along with your other waypoints.


@Adrien thank you so much for explaining this, it really helps a lot xD