How to Input GPS Coordinates to your FPL

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I’ve saw a few people asking about how to input coordinates into Infinite Flight, especially for transatlantic flights. As an example for this tutorial, we’ll be generating a flightplan from London Heathrow (EGLL) to John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK) for an American Airlines B772 using SimBrief. For more about planning a flight with SimBrief, I’d recommend you check out this excellent introduction tutorial by @Chris_S.


Now that we have generated our flightplan, you’ll see that we have a few coordinates in it. Now, here are a few example of how to input them in Infinite Flight:

SimBrief Infinite Flight
52N050W 52N50 or 5250N
55N040W 55N40 or 5540N
56N030W 56N30 or 5630N
56N020W 56N20 or 5620N

This is the easiest way to do it for transatlantic flights.
Now, what if you want to reproduce flight BOE4 and draw a Boeing 787-8 in the skies?

FPL retrieved from FlightAware: KBFI SEA NORMY J70 MLP GTF 4632N/08706W 4626N/08908W 4301N/09715W 4352N/09907W 4358N/09958W 4306N/10033W 4245N/09958W 4229N/09834W 4122N/10101W 4254N/10552W 4312N/10730W 4314N/10848W 4302N/10919W 4235N/10907W 4157N/10820W 4112N/10654W 3932N/10210W 3717N/10133W 3757N/10243W 3803N/10323W 3702N/10401W 3633N/10320W 3604N/10117W 2827N/09937W 2652N/09820W 2814N/09844W 3438N/09829W 3538N/09819W 3745N/09715W 3610N/09249W 3533N/08953W 3148N/08837W 3126N/08754W 3503N/08731W 3457N/08616W 3539N/08713W 3809N/08411W 3820N/08458W 3642N/08915W 3804N/09148W 3935N/09604W 4143N/09442W 4230N/09354W 4601N/08829W 4631N/08706W KBFI

You can just paste the whole flightplan in the search bar on the top right of the map and it will appear on your map, it’s as simple as that. The coordinates, however, were already in the format Infinite Flight uses, so let’s take a look at other coordinate formats and what you should do with them.

Other formats Infinite Flight format
123.54N,80.42W 12354N/8042W
12S,80E 1200S/8000E
1N,1E 100N/100E

As seen above, Infinite Flight always requires two decimals. Basically, you take your latitude and longitude, remove everything after 2 decimals and multiply by 100. N/S and E/W are mandatory after the 2 decimals.

Important remark: these coordinates cannot be searched and therefore only be added with other valid waypoints together like the BOE4 flightplan above.

I hope this helped you. If If you have any questions, feel free to ask below and I’ll try my best to help you.

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Wow, thank you for this well put together tutorial, Adrien!

I’ve had trouble with this when I did my first transatlantic flight but I think I got the hang of it now all because of this tutorial. Hopefully other people can benefit from this too. I’ve bookmarked this for future reference.

Kudos! :)


I can fill in the missing way points in my flight plan with coordinates. Thanks dude!

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But if I understood what @Adrien said correctly, you can’t do that.

Eh, Ill give it a try and find out the hard way…

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He could do that, but he would need to replace the missing waypoints with coordinates before pasting them in IF all together. :)


That’s the only option isn’t it? How would you replace waypoints that don’t exist with coordinates after pasting them into the sim? Lol

What I’m picking up is that IFS will create an artificial waypoint for the flightplan if you put specific coordinates in…

But hey, I’m no dev, so idk

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This is really interesting!

How would you enter in the following co-ordinates? I tried but can’t seem to figure it out :(

GORLO N5155.4
GORLO E00310.3

GORLO should be in as a waypoint anyway so just search for it.

Very nice and detailed tutorial. I had trouble with this on my first transatlantic flight as well… now I know how to insert these coordinates.

Thank you, bookmarked!


Yep it is.

I was just using that as an example.

To avoid confusion, how about


Can’t seem to figure how to input this into the FPL as co-ordinates

This format makes absolutely no sense.

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I got these co-ordinates from simbrief whilst getting the route for EHAM to EGLL

Is this method only to be used for trans-atlantic flights?

Sorry for the confusion

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It can be used anywhere, but they have to be on the large flight plan with multiple points at the beginning they can not be added later in the flight 1 by one.

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I’m confused… this topic is wrecking my brain…

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You can’t search coordinates so after the multiple waypoint flightplan they can not be input after that.

What do you mean? So I can only put them in while I file my initial FPL, cannot put them in later on?

That is correct I’m sure they will add the searching ability later on, but for now that’s how it is.


But when you’re filing the initial FPL you are technically searching it aren’t you?