How to increase my standing?

My standing is only 50%,I want to increase my standing .Because i want to fly Airbus A380 LIVE very much . Everyone that konw please help me ,im just a green hand (thanks very much )

Just fly,do touch&go and respect the rules,no violation and very quickly will be better!


Do a lot of touch and goes and make sure the landing is done well. Keep doing this a bunch of times and your xp and standing will increase. I recommend doing touch and goes with smaller aircraft i.e. Cessna 208

How to do lots of touch

I say fly around w/ or without touch & gos on free flight.

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Got go out in 172 or small aircraft and take off and land. Keep doing it over and over. These are called touch and goes. This is the fastest way to gain Xp

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Do tight patterns, really tight. Not like Tom though.

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30NM downwind with 🍺