How to increase camera range in replay mode?

I was playing infinite flight earlier, and headed over to the replay mode for some screen shots and noticed this,
when I went far away from the planes I couldn’t see the planes which is usaull but even when I was near them I wasn’t able to see most of the planes. I had to wait like a minute before the plane next to me loaded in. And when I move away to take a screenshot the plane disappears.

How do I increase the range of the camera so I can take better screen shots?


You can do this by raising your airplane count in the settings.

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I tried that but it did not do a lot…

Only of your lucky though @Infi . Even with the highest settings you don’t see all the planes. There’s nothing you can do about it at the moment.

You’ll have to try and move the camera and forward the replay to a position where you can see them, I’m afraid.


Hmm, well did the trick for me when I experienced this, but not all devices are alike.

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Thanks I didn’t know that, but does higher graphics give a better plane count?

My divice isn’t the best for IF mabey that would be a reason too

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