How to increase bank limit whilst on auto pilot?

How can I increase the max angle of bank when changing the heading on autopilot? I keep missing the headings even when I turn early. Is there a setting I can change?


You can’t change the bank angle limits yet. What you can do, though, is use the “bearing to next” tab in your bottom instruction/status bar in IF.

You can’t at the moment. However, somebody made a feature request for the bank angle to be changed manually.

@CptNathanHope I swear to God you beat me to everything…


Okay, thanks. Got the bearing to next tab, helps a lot!


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Try increasing HDG in increments of 5 and 10 to quickly do turns instead of 1.

I usually do that, but I’ve resorted to manually turning now.

You aren’t supposed to use auto pilot for heavy turns because flight plans should be created according to guidelines given. You should also be aware that speed affects the distance your curve is in diameter if you approach an airport you should probably turn off your autpilot for each turn then turn it on at the desired heading.

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