How to Improve Pilot Retention


How to Improve Pilot Retention

So you’ve got new applicants… now how do you keep them active and flying? This is the age-old problem that VAs and VOs have struggled to conquer since they’ve existed. There isn’t one perfect answer to this question, but rather a unique one for each organization that requires careful consideration of your specific VA and how it operates. Some things can’t be controlled, like losing a new pilot because their mom refused to pay for their new sub because they bought $3000 worth of spotting equipment without asking. But, there are things that you as a VA staff member or leader can control, like ensuring each new member has easy access to helpful documents and information on how to get started at the VA, and a friendly and public staff team.

In this article, I’ve sketched out some easy aspects that can be added, changed, or subtracted from your VA to increase the rate at which new pilots will join, and stay. You can read it here.

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