How to import flight plans

Since the 20.2 update “Flight Plans can be imported directly in-app from files. Previously, these had to be shared from another app, but they can now be selected directly from the Replay menu page or the Flight Plan screen”. Is there a tutorial on how to do this?

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Hey! It’s the same as before except replays can now be opened directly within the app. To do this, head to the replay tab and click “Import”. Then, select the respective replay file from your device’s files app.

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I need help to

Thanks. But what about the flight plans?

Head to your in-flight map, click the arrow icon shown below, and then “Open Flight Plan”. Lastly, open the respective flight plan file just like you would a replay file.

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Thank you. Appreciate your kind reply.

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Sorry to bother you again, but, where are those plans stored? I did it and got a blank page without any plans.

They are stored in your files app. You were most likely met with a blank page because you haven’t exported any flight plans into the files app from Infinite Flight or a third-party flight planning app like ForeFlight.

I see. Will do it right away. Thanks very much. Have a good day or night. I live in the US. Right now it is 9:59 pm.

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Hi, I could save and retrieve the .fpl file to and from my internal storage, from within the IF app…

but then it won’t open and says: “Could not import file”.

Any ideas or something amissed that’ll solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

what format do you use for the file, PDF? where do you get the flight plan from?

I use Fpl to IF ( It’s free. I like it very much.

And welcome to our community! You will learn and enjoy it very much.

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