How to identify Air Speed, Ground Speed and True Speed in IF

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Air Speed is the speed indicated by the in flight instruments and it is not used to calculate how long will the flight takes. True speed considers the diference betweet airspeed and temperature e etc… Ground speed considers the winds and is better used to calculate how much time you are going to spend during a flight.

ATC uses always air speed… The trip is calculated by ground speed. Ok. But some reference documents use true speed, e.g: airplanes specs.

I think it is correct. Please correct if not.

Besides that, how can I find true speed in IF? I can just find air speed and ground speed.



More specifically: Indicated Airspeed

Ground speed is shown on an ATC screen but speed is given in IAS

I doubt there is a TAS meter implemented in IF though. Would be a good feature request ;)

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This should help.