How to Idenify Zulu Time | Help

I have noticed, theirs a lot of confusion about Zulu a Timing. There’s a lot of people (like me) that can’t Idenify Zulu timing.

It will be great if some people take sometime to explain out how to convert Zulu timing to Pacific Time, Eastern Time, and other time…

Thanks for the help! 👏

Just know what he difference is (for example (-4 Zulu) or (+4 Zulu)

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Those are un reliable, their hard to read

No, I thought it was 7 from Pacific and 4 from Eastern

Answer please, my brain exploded when reading the question.

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I’m sick of algebra. This is how I do in test. Really hard question=ok
Extremely easy questions=nu uh

No, if you know how to see what time it is, you can read the time on a time converter.

Zulu times is basically GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time i hope I got that one right. Usually, time zones would show as e.g. GMT +6 or GMT -3. This just means that they are (X) hours in front (or behind) of GMT.

So let’s take my time zone, GMT +8. Let’s say an event takes place at 281400Z June 2016. It means it takes place on the 28 of June 2016, at 1400Z. This translates to 1400+0800= 2200 local time, or 10:00 P.M. local time.

Go search google for some answers if you still can’t understand :)

Yes it is Greenwich Mean Time :)


What is your country?

Also FYI there is a dashboard option in If to tell the exact Zulu time right then