How to hide text using the gear icon in editor.

Hello IFC. I sometimes see people hiding text. I once knew how to do it but I forgot. I know you have to use the gear but how. Where is the gear to hide text or creat a pole. Sorry I forgot and thanks if you could tell me again. Thanks 😁


If so click the gear and then hide spoiler

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Simply type [spoiler] text you want hidden [/spoiler].

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Where is the gear located

At the top on the end

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What end. Can somone send a screenshot

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This is all I see

Filler ???

Dont worry i didnt have enough letters to send it

You must have at least 10 characters to post something

I know that

I see gear on pc

So i said ˝filler˝to fill it in lol

Yeah click it now

I know but I dont use my pc for ifc most of the time I use the ifc app

it works on phone too

click at the hamburger icon (three stripes)
will open the format menu

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Not on mine. Does anyone use a Samsung

What happens when you click it?