How to hide a message from one person

How do I hiding my postings from target persons so when I doing the postings it be like a seeing through spirit to him

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Do the button there for me to using this option

You can’t hide posts from anyone

Yes, not even from me…

Even when you delete posts, people can see the original content in the first 24 hours


Hiding postings from target persons is impossible here. At least from what I’m aware of.


@poppingspices you gotta be nicer to that person :/. I know who you’re talking about


To remove your own posts simply press the bin icon.

To hide other member posts, you must flag and than wait until a forum staff takes action. (Flagging should only be used for posts that are off topic, inappropriate, harmful, spam, or something else that makes that post in need of a flag)

Oh god he is doing the stocking you to?

Ok use the listening ear and reading eye my problem is how I can blocking my target person who happening to be number 1 posting in this posting again but not every body else I just wanting to hide from her

So now I cannot hide post from any one but can I use the instant private messaging to talk to one person or can every body and the gods spirits and their mother read instant private message to?

No your majesty Carson is a normal he does not do the stocking if you scroll up you will see but I can not give name or David the computer electric will give me a flagging again

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I believe if you bring your conversation to a PM, whoever is stalking you wouldn’t be able to stalk you there but this isn’t foolproof so long you continue to post publicly (and he stalks you from there lol)

Very funny how you is telling me this so in private instant massage I can say any thing with no flagging right

@poppingspices if you have a problem with another member of the forum, either PM a mod, or the person themselves.

Be nice and non aggressive :) (not that you aren’t currently, just a tip ;)

I try to be a nice to every one and I already tell your majesty Carson I just asking in private message I can talk in private and scolding allow correct?

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Within reason; whilst you can certainly say more in a PM then on the general forum, being very aggressive will not get you anywhere.

Ok thanks you for advice every one thinking I am a stupid person or something

No, trust me we have had some real bad ones you are not one of them.

In fact it is good you are finding out this stuff before making bad mistakes on the forum.

Correct persons here very educating and i learning a lot but some person like to be a stupid racist person and all ways say the stupid funny thing

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Majority people good here except some people like to make a humility and insulting me

If you go on your account settings scroll down there is a mute option but they can still see posts I think