How To Have A Great Flight At Night

Well, welcome to my topic. This topic will show you how to have a great short hop or maybe even a long haul at night.

Well, let’s get into it!

  1. Make sure it’s a route that you like.
  2. Set the time to Sunset
  3. Maybe get a blanket.
  4. Sit down somewhere cozy.
  5. Get some jazz, or Lofi 🙂
  6. Be like Santa, maybe get some cookies or milk :)
  7. If you have a pet, they are some good company!
  8. Fly!

I always love a nice short hop on IF at night, and to make it even more fun, these are a few tips! I hope these help out, happy flying guys! 😄

Thank you, good day, G-SKYE 🙂


edit: Step 3.5 - if you have a pet, they make for a good companion while flying.

Love this! Actually gave me some chill vibes and thats how flying should be. Not stressful. Relaxing and nothing but pure enjoyment.


To add on to DeerCrusher,

Step 6

Screen Share your device to your TV if you can.


Thanks! Yeah let me put that lol, my pup gives me that too 😄

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Added it 🙂

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Lol…maybe put a virtual fireplace on the TV or something lol

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😂I usually only connect my phone to my TV Screen when I’m using a joystick.

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Lofi 😂 maybe more classical music

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Well, I said Jazz haha

Lovely thank you

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Oh yes I love doing this when my little nephews are around


No problem, glad you enjoyed it!

All fun and games until my German Shepherd is in my face after takeoff clearance lol!

Lol, that’s fun 😅

I do that sometimes too, but not with a Joystick 😅

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