How to handle..?

What should i do (approach controller) if a pilot is inbound to my controlled airspace and made a flightplan to my airport but responding to me that shes/hes flying VFR… should i give him vectors anyway (well i did)??


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giving vectors means youre guiding the pilot to his/her destination with altitude and heading.

Vectors means that you most say how he most fly you say hes heading and fly level FL and maybe his speed

You most say noting

So far I know

yeah i mean i just cant ignore him/her and let him/her continue if hes/shes approaching my airpace with other pilots.

I think you most say he attitude

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i had this situation yesterday at KNUC …i mean pilots say theyre flying VFR when they didnt make a flightplan and just want to fly around with no destination. i think the best respond from him/her would be flight following but then again i can only accept that if the traffic is allowing it to…i will still need to give him/her vectors anyway due to mild/heavy traffic.

Broadcast message Attention all aircrafts, xx Approach is only accepting ILS approaches at this time followed by a Say intentions.


well i have to say i did exactly that and continued to give him/her vectors to seperate him/her from other inbound pilots…but he/she kept asking me for VFR. - and he/she wasnt a “newbie” 100k+xp :)

You can stil have a flight plan and fly VFR the correct action is to let them fly VFR until they are in the way of another plane then send them vectors and altitude. Or until they are within the airports airspace then hand them off to tower.

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KNUC only has GPS approaches unfortunately.


SQ1200/VFR Flight outside “Controlled Airspace” is the norm for GA & some selected commercial flight operations. Those utilizing VFR procedures do not require or expect ATC assistance except for safety of flight issues. Aircraft filed or checked into a major Controlling Agency VFR with or without a flight plan and not a safety of flight issue should be allowed to proceed unhindered unless they penetrate controlled airspace. Upon penetration of controlled airspace thIer intentions should be quired by the airspace’s Controlling ATC. For specific details on VFR flight procedures see the FAR (see
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If He/She was not in your defined and charted airspace, I would have ignored you to! Max Sends

he/she was in my airspace fix HETIT and was following his route to KNUC…but insist hes/shes flying VFR.


I usually control approach on the advanced server, and when people request for VFR, but their flight plan is still heading to the airport I am providing approaches for, I broadcast the message that “XX approach is only accepting ILS approaches at this time” followed by a say intentions, if they don’t request for it immediately I usually do it again, although not followed by say intentions. They end up requesting an ILS (if available) after half a minute or so.

For all of the community, read carefully, when ILS is available at an airport, do not request for anything else than ILS, flight following is not for jets, and radar vectors is only when an airport does not have an ILS approach available, this makes our life as controllers a lot easier. When you’re departing, and there is no departure, please contact approach and simply send the command “Check in”. If you want radar vectors to guide you on course, ATC will give you some simple instructions, usually not more than two or three heading and altitude commands, then approve frequency change, or at least this is how I do it, although most of the time when we are busy, we are not able to provide vectors for outbound traffic.

Hope this made things clear!

Advanced controller 2


@Samuel123abc is this ‘ILS only’ just an advanced server rule in IF? In real life you aren’t doing ILS approaches all the time, especially in visual conditions. Approach controllers will vector you and clear you for a ‘visual approach’ without any need or mention of an ILS approach.

Which makes me think we need a ‘report runway in sight’ and a ‘runway in sight’ response so you can be cleared for a visual approach and handed off to tower

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or maybe controllers could have the command “expect vectors to approach xx due to traffic”. this is for pilots who think they could simply fly their course to the airport without interference.

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