How to handle this scenario

Hello, I am still fairly new to ATC, I had this scenario yesterday.

EGLL, 27L and 27R taking incoming and departing traffic, they were both indicated active (green) runways 9L and 9R (red).

As I was watching the traffic coming to 27L and 27R out of nowhere came an announce of inbound on 9R ( wasn’t watching that side of the radar). I had an aircraft lined up and waiting to depart with following aircraft on final.

I issued a Go Around and Enter Left Downwind 27L, would that be the correct thing to do here?

My directions were ignored even after I re-issued them and the aircraft landed spoiling the experience for the lined up and next incoming aircraft on 27L.




As it was runway 09R a right downwind entry would probably be the best, also, unless he was on final there’s no need to tell him to go around, just give a pattern entry, sequence accordingly and clear.


Since this was clearly on TS - there’s nothing you can do unfortunately - some people deliberately (I’m not saying he was) like to troll

some are ain’t trolling some just don’t know how to fly a pattern

And also a lot of people on TS don’t have a clue what they are doing

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