How to handle strange ATC messages?

I’m At Oakland taxiing to runway 12, when I get “you’re in an active airspace, contact approach” over and over again… What’s the best way to handle that?

Every once in a while while shooting landings at an airport, I get the active airspace message from a different airport, say intentions… How should I handle that?

Fly on the advanced server


Contact approach if needed, simple.

Ignore them, if you are on the PG, if its the Advanced Server report it.

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Just ignore it

You can’t contact approach on the ground. The same thing happened to me when i was doing pattern work for someone.


I don’t have the option to contact approach…

I’m in PG, xp11000, standing 100%, but not enough hours for advanced… :(

Just don’t contact, they are spamming you :)

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Am I correct in assuming that if I’m working in the pattern with one tower, that I shouldn’t have to respond to other comms?

oh, the person who is on approach Is doing it for fun lol

A little off topic, but how do you imbed someone else’s comment in your reply?

Guess that’s why it’s called playground

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Just get your hours & landings up for advanced it is much much better.