How to handle an odd situation in taxi

So I was taxing for a GA flight at KBDR. I cross a runway with clearance but realize I can’t reach my runway through there. I make a 180 and all is good. Ground gives me clearance to cross the runway again. In order to get to my runway I cross over the runway (basically backtracking) and move to another runway where I was told to go to for takeoff. ATC told me the saying all fear, “Please check the forum for assistance using ATC instruction.” Can somebody tel me what I was supposed to do in that situation?


My advice is to PM the controller. I have some theories as to why they sent that, but only the controller knows exactly why.

If you need help contacting the controller, tell us the time the incident occurred and we’ll help you find him/her.

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I don’t really need to contact them as I wasn’t reported or ghosted. I just wanted to know what to do in the future.

That’s not what I’m saying. The controller will be able to explain to you why he or she sent that message. I’d think you’d prefer a straight answer rather than us speculating and providing you with false information.


Makes sense, let me see if I can find his name and PM him.

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If you can’t find him on the forum type it in here and we will find him

If the 180 you are trying to explain is an unrealistic thing to do, id probably quit and start again.

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You should plan your taxi route in advance of taxiing to prevent this before it can happen.

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