How to Handle a emergency fuel situation

Today I was flying but I miscalculated my fuel so at 50nm my low fuel warning cane up. I continued inbound going in on left base there was about 4 pilots on base and 1 of which was on final. I knew I couldn’t do I go around nor a 360 so I was wondering how I could’ve gotten the other pilots out of the way. Something popped in my head and said check atc for command because they couldn’t have but fuel burn without expecting miscalculations. I found the holy grail “Emergency Request”. After using that command all the pilots entered a holding pattern and the pilot on final went around. Must say I appreciate what those pilots did honestly never expected it, even though it was expert server. My question is what would be the procedure if it was in a controlled airspace


He should make sure that the runway is clear ahead of you and make you piority over other inbounds.

That May just mean that you get sequences as normal but with more spacing and you Before the others on base/downwind

IFATC is great with this


It was uncontrolled airspace

I think that is what helps prove how skilled our pilots are. On Expert, people are always aware of the situation, and react in a proper way.

Whoever those pilots may have been, Thank you.


Nice to see this especially seeing how some expert server pilots act with no atc. Maybe the new restrictions help with this :).


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