How to Get Your VA Approved Faster


How to Get Your VA Approved Faster

I’ve been an IFVARB board member for over half a year now. In this time, I’ve reviewed close to 50 aspiring VAs, each different in their own way. Each VA’s review process is different, but I’ve picked up on common points of improvement that could be made, either before or during the approval process. In this article, I’ve laid out what I believe to be a few of the best things you can do as the leader of an aspiring VA/VO to push through the approval process quicker. Everything I’ve listed in this article is an aspect of you or your VA that we as board members take into account during review. I know as a former VA founder myself that a common disconnect between the IFVARB and the community is this exact stage of the approval process- what do we look for beyond the basics during our reviews? Hopefully, this article helps to shed some light on the answer to that question.

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I don’t know why nobody has commented on this, but it was very interesting and also helpful!


Wow Wonderful post thanks for the help!
Me and my team will be actually applying this Friday

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Applejet 👀 I’m interested


Thank you for taking the time fo share this information.

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Thank you for making this information known! I’m currently awaiting review for a VA

If anyone is interested in joining as a Board/Staff member send me a PM for more information!

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