How to get XP?

I’m at 36K XP and i just need 14K more till expert server plz reply some methods thx

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I’d just do long flights, or do a bunch of pattern work.

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One good way to do it, go on the training or casual server and simply takeoff and instead of doing the full pattern just turn straight onto the runway to your side. This is easier in a small plane like the Cessna citation . After maybe twenty mins you should get a lot

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Definitely do long hauls. Takeoff when you are about to go to sleep and land when you wake up. I found this the best option as you are technically earning XP when you aren’t even there

You just need a
download (29)
of landings.


Have a look here:

Maybe this’ll help!


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I would say it’s best to spawn in at London heathrow take off then do quick turns to the other runway and just do touch and goes. Also I recommend you use the Cessna citation x. Make sure you do it on the casual server

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