How to get/win XP points?

i have 0 xp i can’t play in server with atc how to get xp

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To get XP, you could do touch and goes at an airport in free flight (KSBD i my favorite one for that).

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Start flying on the Fee Flight server to get your XP up. Suggest start with touch and goes on a C172 / C208 or similar at a small airfield and then switch to small Jet like a B737 / A320 to get your XP up enough to move to the ATC Playground. Hint before moving to ATC playground have a good read of the ATC category her in the community as some good guides on how it all works!!


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many tips:

  • fly at bad weather regions
  • dont activate autopilot for take off or landing process (if you deactive autopilot, you get more XP than if you stay on)
  • use big planes
  • dont get violations

and surely more

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You earn 10 XP for every minute of flying and an average of 100 XP for a descent landing. You will quickly earn XP just by flying and landing. It’s violations that slow the process. The more violations you get, the longer it will take you to advance.

You just need to follow four basic rules to avoid violations when starting out;
Stick to the small airports,
Don’t fly over 250kts while below 10,000 feet,
Don’t taxi faster than 35kt ground speed.
Idling longer than 59 seconds on a runway will cost you to lose 5% standing points and kicked from the server.

Here is my suggestion; Start with a Cessna 208, fly between small airports and keep your taxi speed below 25kts. You will avoid violations and in turn every XP point you earn you will keep.

Although you don’t lose points or standing for crashing, you do lose out on the landing points, so a poor landing is better than no landing.


That’s not correct.
It doesn’t matter if you take off or land with the help of the A/P or not, neither the plane you use.
XP does only depend on flight time, landing quality and winds.

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You earn 10xp for every complaint you write on the forum about needing more XP.


And why do you want to get XP? :))

It is to advance or progress into a higher grade

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Yes, XP is one of the factors which determine how high your grade is. Alongside Violations/Ghosting Count, Landings, and Flight Time

In order to get more XPs, try to do Touch and Go to get the XP faster. Anyways, Nice to meet a Singaporean here 🇸🇬❤