How to get to trust level 1 and 2?

How do I get to trust level 2 I really
Want to get to trust level 2 it will be so cool if I get there I don’t know why


You already have Trust Level 1. To obtain TL2, maintain your activity and contribute in a positive manner to the community and it’ll be on your account sooner rather than later.


Thanks @Thunderbolt

What are the Trust level 1 requirements?


They are not publicly available.

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Okay i see

I think they should remove the trust level and trust the community more, we are not on games like roblox but on a game where you have to pay 10€ per month to play.


Most gaming or app or tech forums have trust levels, although they may be called different things in different forums.

Trust levels are simply a way of staggering the access users have to this forum’s features. The staff does this so that people can have a chance to learn the rules, have the ability to progress over time, and to protect this forum from spam.

Though it’s called a “trust” level it doesn’t necessarily mean that the community or the mods trust you less. It’s similar to grades in Infinite Flight where only Grade 3 and above can access the Expert Server. And why is that? So that you can learn how to use the simulator properly. Same with the forum - every user starts at TL0 (new user) and progresses on the way. It’s like how you’d surround a small child with a sandbox so that if they fall they won’t hurt themselves (hence the term “sandboxing.”), and slowly but surely get them to grass and then hard ground when they’re sure-footed on their own two feet.

It’s worth noting that there are several non-Pro pilots here on the forum. You don’t necessarily need to have Pro to join the forum. It’s free to be on the IFC.


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