How to get to the expert server?

hello, ifc I would like to know how to get to the expert server?
can you give me advice please.


You need to be at least grade three. You can see what the requirements for grade three are on your grade table.

Expert is a word with a meaning. Just because you can hammer out a few landings at Denver does not mean you’re ready for it. The reason for the grade system is so you can prepare yourself before going on expert. If you do hammer out a few landings you’ve learnt nothing apart from how to cheat the system.
You have to actually know what you’re doing before you enter it. My advice is to listen to ATC on TS, (if they don’t troll you) do a few touch and goes, practice your flying, familiarise yourself with the ATC instructions and how to use them, watch the tutorials and make sure you know what you’re doing, then you can show off your talents on expert server. It’s the place where people are expected to behave properly and the place where people don’t want trolls.
Happy flying, and I’ll see you on expert server soon.


Here are the actual requirements:

  • 10hrs flight time
  • 50 landings
  • 40,000 XP
  • Max 2 ghostings (1 day)
  • Max 3 ghostings (3 day)
  • Max 2 violations (1 day)
  • Max 5 violations (3 days)
  • 1hr of flight time in the last 90 days
  • 3 landings in the last 90 days.

Now I know that some people are just gonna say ‘do a load of touch and goes’, to rack up XP and Landings quickly, but just don’t.

By all means do it improve pattern work, but expert server is exactly what it says it is. Expert. You gotta know what ATC means, and how to fly properly, and you’ve gotta respect other pilots and the controllers.

Just keep on flying on training server, and try to be as disciplined as possible, and you’ll get there in no time! It’s definitely worth it!

Sorry @TimShan05 for repeating some of the stuff you said, it took me a long while to type this!


thanks you very much


Are those the Grade 2 or Grade 3 requirements?

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Grade 3 is 40.000K XP but welp, because if I remember right, I needed 40K for Grade 3

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They are for grade three


No I believe it is 10,000 XP

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Ok here’s the grade table:
It’s 40,000 @rebal15


Oh! I saw a different grade table to this! I am very sorry


The requirements of Grade 3 aren’t too difficult to achieve. What I suggest is in the meantime, do your research and know all the rules and procedures for expert server so that your first flight isn’t a blunder. If you can, do try to play IF as realistically as possible to fully utilize the simulator.

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Expert server is like a dedication. Its a server of dedicated users that strive for realism. Please do realize that farming just to get G3 and learning nothing along the way won’t Help you become a better pilot.

Just be active on IF, keep up the landings, and you’ll soon be on ES! But remember, ES is much more upper-class than TS and CS regarding riles and realism, so learning and having fun is the most important thing during your expedition 😉

We look forward to seeing you in the IF skies!

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i suggest you to use a small plane to do takeoff and landing easily in a airport with many runways.That’s how i get grade 3 fast.You can also do long flight during you sleep for getting flight time

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Yes I would also recommend shorter flights such as, the TBM and the Westray-Papa Westray route.

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Read this…


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