How to Get to PM’s that no one replied to [SOLVED]

Hello community, I need help finding out something. I made a PM for my event tommarow and no one replied so I can’t get back to it.

Does anyone know how to get back The the PM that I sent so I can notify everyone. Thanks! - Cameron


Click on your profile circle in the top right, click on the icon that looks like an envelop, and that will take you off all of your DMs. :)

Hit the Mailbox button, then hit sent.


I do know that but it doesn’t show the PM’s that i sent that no one replied to.

I titled a PM called “Reno Flyout Event” before the 717 PM


Instead of “Inbox” at the top right, go to “Sent.”

Ohhhh, i see! Thanks for the help. A Mod can close it!