How to get to Grade 3

Hello IF community. I was wondering about knowing to get to Grade 3 & I would love to have new engine sounds on Grade 3 I want to know how to get a grade up to 3 & 4 and I was just wanting to ask all of you today about getting up a grade. I really want to see more grades. Could anyone please tell me how to get up to that??

Grade 3 and 4 do not impact engine sounds. You may be mistaken on those items. Grade only gets you access to server (grade 3) and a colored tag for above that.


Good for you, you don’t need to be Grade 4 for new engine sounds! All aircraft have their own sounds that don’t require a grade!

For getting Grade 3 and 4, just fly a lot! Short hauls are a great way to get to grade 3, and pattern work is great for Grade 4 and above!


Here’s the Grade Table for reference:

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Would grade 3 be the best choice. How can I get up to that Grade

By being a good pilot. See the grade table above.

You would just have to meet those requirements.

If you want a side by side on your stats you can go into infinite flight -> click on your name in the top right corner -> click on the “I” next to your grade then you should be able to compare your stats with the stats you need to move up

There is no best grade to settle on (except level 5). You just level up on it

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Will new planes come to Infinite Flight when I go up a grade

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No, they will not. The subscription gets you all the aircraft in the fleet, no more and no less.

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No grade basically does nothing except for bragging rights, show of skill and Server access, features and everything comes free with the subscription that you buy and new features get released on their own time, for everyone, by the developers

Oh ok. Thanks for the info. Does this mean I earn badges

Badges only exist within the IFC.

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Yeah and a lil fun tip. Grade 4 and 5, for showing their dedication to Infinite flight, gets a lil reward/feature so to say with their own colored tag. All grade 4 is green and all grade 5 are bronze. Devs and such are red and blue

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Can the devs add new planes anytime.

Well, it takes time to develop new planes…

Feel free to browse #features and use the search bar to find what you’d like, then vote for them!


How much time does it take

Months, perhaps even a year or two.

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What other features do you think accompany Grade 3? and so on (4,5)

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As say multiple times above you get neither new airplanes nor any other feature except a differently coloured name tag in the simulator from Grades 4&5.

Grade 3 (and of course 4&5) give you access to the Expert Server.

I think that at grade 4 the sound for engines gets a lot better, also at grade 4 you will get boarding music and taxiway lights. at grade five you unlock clouds I think. @reer104, you also get a variety of new aircraft when you reach grade 4 and 5.