How to Get to Grade 3 Faster?

What are the new commands you can use when you fly in expert?

Pick the Spitfire. Find an airport with a ton of runways close to each other, and then get into a rhythm of quick takeoff, turn, land, takeoff, turn, land…

You’ll rack up the XP extremely quickly, if you’re skilled enough to not crash, that is. As far as I can tell, you get bonus XP for smooth landings and if it’s windy.

Note that what others are saying here is important: only do this once you are really certain you know how to fly “real” flight plans with ATC, otherwise you’ll enter the Expert server only to get ghosted your first day. :-)


Thank you! I’ll try them!

I’ve been flying pattern at KONT for a month now (Every other day) and got from 20000 to 32000

KONT? I’ll try it, but isn’t there traffic everywhere? SoCal + TS1 = busyness.

There’s not much around KONT

Hi @Mees,

Congrats on getting Live and good luck in your endeavour. @Joshua_Fleming and others gave you surefire ways to get to the requirements for the grade you want. However, if you are in too much of a rush to get onto the Expert Server and fail to learn what is necessary to properly operate there, you may find yourself getting “kicked out” regularly, which will not be fun.

The Expert Server is serious business. My advice to you is to research, read, study and practice (while you do your touch and goes to build your XP, etc). This community has a wealth of information related to every aspect of operating in IF and on the Expert Server, but don’t limit your reading to just this forum (I’m a Grade 5 and I’m still researching and learning everyday).

Always remember, the more knowledgeable and skilled you are, is the more fun you and everyone else around you will have in IF.

Enjoy and good luck. I look forward to seeing you in the Expert Server skies sometime soon.


Fly the Cessna and do a circuit around SoCal. Currently I’ve racked up 3,000 points and still flying. I started at KAVX 22->KTOA 29L->KFUL 06->KONT 8R->KSBD 06->KPSP 13L->KSAN 27-> KNUC 24. This route gave me over 3,000 XP in the C172. Good luck


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