How to Get to Grade 3 Faster?

I recently bought live, with was awesome! I was so happy with it! But there are certainly problems with it. TS1 SoCal is super busy and all other regions are rare and the ATC is sometimes not helping. Answer: expert server!

But I’ve just past 4000XP, and it takes ages to get to 40.000XP…

How can I get to the expert server quick, or improve my fun?


Touch and goes.


I have changed your title as it bit too #support topic-ish , anyway just do pattern work !

Well I will try that! Which aircraft do you recommend? Cessna 210?

And how does the xp system count? What aspects are the most important?

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Gosh another person complaining about all the work they need to do to get Grade 3. Maybe actually take the time to fly and learn to fly instead of just doing touch and goes. Some of us get upset when people try to find the easy way to move up a Grade instead of actually putting in the time to do real flights.


I suggest you to do a lot of Pattern Work with a small Aircraft like Cessna 172/208 or with my favourite, the Cirrus SR22! ;)

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Any you feel that you can fly the best , keep in mind speed is of the essence so a faster aircraft that can handle sharp turn will be recommended. You get the most XP from your landing , 100-200xp per landing depending on how good it was , i believe you get 10xp per minute actually in the air.

I know what you mean @anon2063420 , but go easy on him …


I am not thinking I’m the best infinite flight pilot in the world. I can see when ATC gets irritated and when they’re happy. I could improve and I will when I’m approaching grade 3 by watching many tutorials. Trust me.

For now, I’m going to do some tight pattern work with the sr-22 and make as smooth and most centerline landing as possible. And, dear @anon2063420, I’ll be as expert-ish as I can!

I hate level farmers, put in some hard work and earn it like the rest of us did


Guys, gaining xp quickly gets old fast, so don’t worry about it. It’s only natural to want to reach a higher level quickly, especially at the beginning. I did it and it made me much better at landings, so there’s a positive note from doing touch and goes. I’d rather have stats of 800 landings and 350 online flights than 300 landings and 500 online flights; and I notice the latter quite a bit.


These are all great ways to gain xp to get level three :)


Do some tight touch-and-goes. Try to do it in an airport with less traffic unless you can seperate yourself from the nearest plane in air by at least 3 miles.


Fly a lot!


FWIW, this isn’t the most encouraging vibe to send a (likely) new member of the community and Infinite Flight.
We get it, this upsets you.
On behalf of all the rookie pilots here on AF, sorry this question triggers you.

Not too long ago, I was sitting at 4000 XP and didn’t even realize how cool the community was and how much IF and all the supporting apps have to offer. After learning, I was eager to achieve Grade 3, which I finally achieved over the weekend). Let’s support this guy/gal’s addiction to IF and his participation in the community in a positive way.

That being said, I understand where you’re coming from.

OP: Something I’ve found helpful before posting, is telling myself, "Someone has to have asked this before…"
With that in mind, use the Search bar to see if the answer to your question is literally at your fingertips. Chances are, the question has likely been asked and answered.
Might prevent some agitated responses from pilots who haven’t had their coffee yet. ;)

Hope this helps.

Blue skies,



Thanks a lot! There are many nice persons in IFC, but once in a while, you find a person not welcoming relative new users.

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Mainly it’s cus new users get a bad rap for being peanuts. There are so many imaature people on this forum who complain about literally everything. Some of the old guys get tired of it so don’t take his comment to seriously. And welcome. Enjoy your stay ;)


Thanks! I don’t want to complain much. It’s a lovely program with a awesome community and with costs of just the right amount!

So you’re not going to see; “plz make iT fri” from me often!


Hello and welcome to the community! TS1, long story short leaves a whole lot to be desired as you clearly already know. Solutions that I used when I was in your position:

Make sure you check out all of the tutorials that Mark Denton and Tyler Shelton have put up for the community. They outline the basic understanding that any pilot should have in order to be a knowledgeable and effective member of the community and within IF. There’s something new to be learned every day, no matter what trust level or rank.

Participate in the Friday Night Flight and Turbulent Tuesday events. There’s a lot of names out there, here’s your chance to get out there and operate with them. Keep in mind that you can always PM other users to get together and fly, which is very useful in my next tip.

Avoid busy areas of TS1. You’ll get experience working with ATC during the weekly events, but outside of that you can ease your frustrations by just making your flight plan and operating solo on the training server. Learn how to correctly use Unicom. As I said before, feel free to PM people to get together and fly within the empty regions. If inexperienced controllers or nimrod pilots grind your gears, avoid SoCal like the plague.

Stay informed by logging in right here. Community members routinely post when they’re going to be active ATC, and many of them are looking to learn and receive feedback. You can learn right with them just by participating.

Long rant summary: Don’t rush to get to Expert server. Expectations are high and the population is often very low (for now). Put in your time hand flying your aircraft, look into joining a VA perhaps, and enjoy your time getting to Expert while learning how to belong there at the same time. Again, welcome to the community, we’re very happy to have you! Happy flying.


I just made Grade 3 after a couple of weeks, wish I realized about T&Gs at the beginning (or about this community), but it was great to learn other basic aspects before just going for the expert server.

Like others have said, it is more realistic to fly some flight plans and really learn the right procedures, especially because some are specific to the game (not necessarily 1:1 with RL aviation, although pretty darn close at a high level).

My advice is after getting very comfortable with flying and landing properly, along with knowing everything ATC tells you (and when to spot when it’s wrong, can be frustrating). This should take at least 5-10 hours. Go to SoCal and use the longer runway at Lake Mathews airport to do your tight patterns. I think it took me a few hours 2 days in a row to jump from 10k xp to 40k, using Cessna 210.

Happy Flying,


Please before you hit grade 3 make sure you know how to fly on the expert server. Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel has tons of tutorials to refer to before you hit grade 3.